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Don't Abdicate The Throne

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Don't Abdicate the Throne offers pragmatic and actionable advice for those trying to navigate the corporate world without a blueprint or basic guidance. Citing pivotal moments from her own journey, author Lisa Brooks-Greaux shares tips young women can use in both their careers and their lives. More importantly, she urges women of all ages to find the courage to take healthy risks, take control of their lives, and stop relinquishing power.

  • What counts as experience?

  • How do I know I'm on the right career path?

  • Should I get a mentor?

  • How do I even do that?

  • What questions should I be asking the first week on the job?

  • How do I ask for the resources I need?

  • How do I ask for anything?

Don't Abdicate the Throne answers these questions and more for any woman who wants to navigate her career, have a seat at the table, and regain her power.


Montvale, New Jersey

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