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Excutive Coaching Methodology

SYNC works with individuals and teams to achieve organizational and personal goals. We assist leaders as they transition to new roles, partner with senior executives as they tackle expanded responsibilities, and help high potentials as they develop needed competencies required for business success.

1. Develop Case for Action

  • Input from Manager

  • Define Issues/Value

  • Define Desired Outcomes

2. Launch Program

  • Program communicated

  • Coach meets with coachee

3. Assessment Process

  • HBDI

  • Visions

  • Hogan

4. Feedback Process

  • Individual sessions to review

  • Assets and Development Areas

5. Action Plan Creation

  • Determine Outcomes

  • Creation of a Formal Action Plan

6. Deploy Action Plan

  • Resources with Timeframes Implemented

Business Woman Smiling_edited.jpg

7. Coaching Sessions

  • Regular Meeting w/ Coachee

  • Periodic Check-ins with Manager/HR

8. Evaluation Process

  • Monitor Growth

  • Feedback from Manager/Organizations


Montvale, New Jersey

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